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Atbalsts jaunu kosmētisko formulu izstrādē

Mēs – Rasa Botanicals – esam ģimenes uzņēmums, kas strādā trīs virzienos: Augu ekstraktu ražošana; Dabīgās kosmētikas gatavošana; Atbalsts jaunu kosmētisko formulu izstrādē. Mani sauc

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Do you know what is a spring miracle plant?

Spring comes with the first rays of the sun and especially strong greens. We have already learned to use nettles, ground elder and dandelion leaves in salads, soups, and green cocktails, but nettles retain their effectiveness throughout the season.

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Away with gray skin tone

In spring, when nature wakes up, we also want to flourish in our beauty. Unfortunately, often after the winter season, a gray tone has crept into the skin, greater dryness and previously unnoticed spots stand out.

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The power of daily habits

Right now, taking care of ourselves and taking care of our well-being is very important, so that we can help others: both our family and our loved ones, and people for whom help is really important right now!

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The power of chamomile

Another study that proves the strong activity of plants grown in Latvia. In cooperation with LIAA and the Faculty of Biology of the University of Latvia, we studied 6 different plants, of which chamomile, caraway and Topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke) stood out for their positive effect on skin cells.

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Plant extracts vs stem cells

We have concluded a 2-year study comparing chamomile, cumin and topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke) plant extracts and stem cell extracts of these plants obtained in Finnish partner laboratories.

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