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Use plant active substances also in your cosmetics to provide customers with the most effective from nature

If you are interested in developing your own cosmetic products using plant extracts with proven effectiveness, apply for an online consultation with our specialists, during which you will receive:

Recommendations in the development of cosmetic products (formulas, technology, label info) from professionals with 12+ years of experience

Assistance in the organization and planning of production processes

Fee for consultation:

When receiving a consultation without purchasing plant extracts - 50 EUR/h

When purchasing plant extracts worth 50 EUR, a 2-hour consultation is FREE


Extracts produced by Rasa Botanicals are used in the production of Purus Pet products. An excellent and reliable cooperation partner - customer-oriented friendly communication, high-quality products, a team of professionals who are always ready to implement the customer's ideas and help with their knowledge.

Marta Kokina / Purus Pet

We have been working with Rasa Botanicals for two years. We use plant extracts (including propolis, amber) produced by Rasa Botanicals on our order in the production of cosmetics. Almost every formulation of the products we manufacture contains one of these extracts. The Best Berry line of cosmetics would not be possible without the burdock extracts produced by Rasa Botanicals. Very professional and pleasant cooperation! We experiment and try many things together with these colleagues to find the best solution for our customers' needs. We will definitely continue to work with extracts made by Rasa Botanicals!
Daudzas lietas eksperimentējam un izmēģinām kopā ar šiem kolēģiem, lai rastu labāko risinājumu mūsu klientu vajadzībām. Noteikti arī turpmāk strādāsim ar “Rasa Botanicals” gatavotajiem ekstraktiem!

Iveta Lapsele / Unikum

I think that I am a very demanding customer, I always read the fine print on the packaging and look for something exciting in cosmetics. I am very attracted by the fact that Rasa products innovatively use the power of Latvian plants, which is based on knowledge and tested by research in the laboratory. The positive effect of the products is undeniable. My favorites, products that I can especially recommend are the elixir for beautiful hair and the phyto scrub. I also use the phyto scrub as a face mask, mixing it with a small amount of face cream and leaving it on for 20 minutes, the effect is deeply moisturizing and evens out the complexion.

Ieva Lācare / Pļavas laboratorija


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Rasa Botanicals:

During his experience, an international project has been implemented with the support of LAD - "Development and testing of new methods, technologies and solutions in the process of obtaining stem cells of Latvian agricultural plants, creating an innovative solution for their further integration into drinking water" in cooperation with the Finnish Stem Cell Institute from Finland, RSU, Ltd "Nordic Food" and Ltd "ILM". The chemical composition and biological activity of 16 extracts have been tested in cooperation with the Faculty of Biology of the University of Latvia.

For the first 3 years of operation, Rasa Botanicals extracts were certified with the COSMOS quality mark, but now we do so at the request of our customers.

Projects implemented by the team:
2021 - management of a pig farm (2000 pigs) in Croatia.
2019 - Biogas plant 2.0 MWel management in Croatia.
2015 - 2018 - development of technical and economic justifications for electric and thermal energy companies in Federation of Russia.
2014 - cargo transportation in the European Union.
2014 - 2016 - management of milk processing and cheese production company in Latvia.
2012 – 2013 Koģeneracijas stacijas “zem atslēgas” realizācija ar kopējo jaudu 0,8 MWel Latvijā
2010 - 2015 - implementation of biogas plant projects "under load" with a total capacity of 5.4 MWel in Latvia.


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