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Do you know what is a spring miracle plant?

Spring comes with the first rays of the sun and especially strong greens. We have already learned to use nettles, ground elder and dandelion leaves in salads, soups, and green cocktails, but nettles retain their effectiveness throughout the season.

 Why nettles are so special?

Nettles have long been widely known as a very valuable and vitamin and mineral weed. Hair is rinsed with nettle infusion to make it grow strong and shiny. Face masks made from nettles can help eliminate concerns caused by problematic skin types, and their inclusion in the diet can provide health benefits in general, as well as hair and skin.

 What nettles contain:

  1. Vitamins:A, C, K and B group vitamins
  2. Minerals:calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium
  3. Fats: linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid
  4. Amino acids:all essential amino acids
  5. Polyphenols:kaempferol, quercitin, caffeic acid, coumarins and other flavonoids
  6. Pigments:beta carotene, lutein, luteoxanthin and other carotenoids
  7. Omega 3. Ripe nettle leaves contain approximately 40% alpha linolenic acid, or valuable Omega 3 fatty acids.

 Nettles for hair

Nettles are a great and proven way to reduce hair loss as well as promote hair growth. Nettles help restore the visual beauty and strength of hair by feeding it with vitamins and minerals. They are also recommended for use if there are problems with dry scalp and dandruff. The appearance and health of the hair will also be improved if nettles are taken orally. For example, by adding dried nettles to food, vitamins A and C will be absorbed. They also contain about 40% protein, which also has a beneficial effect on hair health. Eating nettle tea and nettle extract can also improve the health and appearance of your hair. Nettle extract is also one of the ingredients in Rasa Botanicals Elixir for beautiful hair.

Nettles for skin

Antioxidants in plants are very valuable for skin care. Nettles have astringent and healing properties. They can also help in the fight against unpleasant acne. Dried nettles can be used externally and topically on the problem area. You can also use plant leaf extract as a tonic for oily or combination skin care. Add a few drops of the extract to your favorite cream or serum, and you will see the result in just a few weeks!

 Nettles in food

Nettles can be used in food both fresh and dried, as tea or as an extract.

Large nettles contain more ascorbic acid or vitamin C than blackcurrants, and more carotene (Vitamin A) than carrots. They promote the metabolism of the whole organism. Nettles are useful for anemia. They increase the amount of hemoglobin and erythrocytes in the blood. Nettles narrow blood vessels, promote blood clotting, normalize the menstrual cycle - especially during the climax period.

Infusion of leaves or nettle extract strengthens the activity of the digestive glands, has choleretic properties, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The vitamins, chlorophyll, and iron in the composition improve the regeneration of mucous membranes, activate the cardiovascular system and gas exchange. Nettles have a tonic effect. Improves liver health. Antioxidants in nettles can protect the liver from damage caused by inflammation, toxins, and heavy metals.

 Let's look for the first nettles in the nearest meadows, forests and ditches as far as possible from highways and prepare salads and green cocktails!

If you are too far from nature, let us know, we will prepare for you nettle extract for energetic mornings or nettle powder, which you can use both as an additive to salads or green cocktails, and as a gentle scrub for facial skin cleansing!



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