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Away with gray skin tone

In spring, when nature wakes up, we also want to flourish in our beauty. Unfortunately, often after the winter season, a gray tone has crept into the skin, greater dryness and previously unnoticed wrinkles stand out. Skin looks dull and has lost moisture and tone.

In order to wake up your skin in spring, it is important to:

  1. Cleanse, but without using soap;
  2. Do not use hot water, use slightly warm;
  3. To clean the skin, use a gentle scrub (definitely without salt, without sugar, without microplastics, coffee will also be too rough);
  4. After the cleansing step, use regenerating oils and serums;
  5. Use face masks.

My spring skin awakening ritual is:

  1. Cryo procedure in the morning for 2 weeks. In the morning, I cleanse my skin with ice cubes containing frozen tea or plant extracts. After this step, I apply a towel soaked in warm water to my face and keep it for 5 seconds. So I repeated this cold and hot step 3x.
  2. Gentle face scrub with crushed plant particles 1 x a week (Rasa Botanicals Phyto scrub). Plant particles gently clean the top layer of the epidermis.
  3. I applied oil/serum/cream on wet face skin. My favorite is grapeseed oil, which is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and is fantastically moisturizing. I use Rasa Botanicals Massage oil - grape seed oil with plants extracts.
  4. I use moisturizing fabric masks once a week.

Bye, gray tone, tiredness and feeling of dryness! 😉



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