Our story

We love Midsummer when nature is at the apex of life – the energy, the vibrancy, the vitalizing freshness all around is a feeling you would want to bathe in forever. And while we cannot capture the moment itself, we humbly obtain the best nature has to give for improving wellbeing, looks and mood just like with that Midsummer morning dew.

 Rasa Botanicals is a family-owned company with a clear vision of giving nature its due credit when it comes to actives and ingredients for beauty and well-being. We believe in high quality and proven methods, so we have spent quite some time of intensive trial and error, backed by an extensive understanding of skincare, active ingredients, chemistry, and application methodology to find a suitable, efficient and mild method that would allow for complete extraction of actives from plant to solution.

Our products are the result of combining the latest technology with solid quality control and cooperation with research institutes and universities. Besides, all products are COSMOS certified and researched “in vitro” to make sure they are efficient and conform to the highest standard. And with optimized production processes and an understanding of the market, we are able to offer affordable pricing and meet delivery expectations of today’s businesses.

At the end of the day, we are not aspiring to be the biggest producer, we are aspiring to be a company that you can turn to again and again with confidence. Because your success is our business.

3 Replies to “Our story”

  1. Sveicinati ! Biju igadajusies jusu natru un smiltserksku dzerienu . Biju loti apmierinata . Kur Riga es to varu iegadaties ? Interesetu ari cita jusu produkcija .

    1. Labdien, Ilze! Patiess prieks, ka Jums noderēja un patika produkti.
      Šobrīd gatavojam e-veikalu, lai varētu iegādāties produktus.
      Lūdzu uzrakstiet mums [email protected], ko Jūs vēlētos pasūtīt un mēs Jums nsoūtīsim!

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